Lake Keesus Special Orders

Keesus Road Signs

If you're new to the Lake and would like to get a nameplate made to add to the roadsign in your neighborhood, or if you've been a Lake resident for years and your roadsign is looking a little tired, LKAA will be placing an order with ExecuPrint of Hartland for new and replacement roadsigns around the beginning of June. If we get ten or more orders, the price per pair of signs will be $16 or the price for a single sign will be $12; five to nine orders, $19.25/pair or $14.25/single; and, one to four orders, $32/pair or $23.50/single. If you would like to order roadsign(s), use the form below and return to  Rick Zimbric   without  payment. Once the order period is over,  Rick  will notify everyone who ordered signs how much their order will cost, collect payments, and place the order. Questions? Call  Rick  at 414-507-5501.

Name _______________________________           

Phone _______________________________

Address ______________________________

Print on Sign (up to 18 letters + spaces) _____________________________________

One or Two Signs ______ 

Return to: Rick Zimbric, N81W28766 Park Drive, Hartland


Keesus Sportswear

Keesus Sportswear including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, etc. is only available during certain times of the year. New information coming soon...