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June 10 

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Welcome to Lake Keesus!

Lake Keesus is a beautiful 237 acre lake located in the Town of Merton, Waukesha County, WI. The LKAA - Lake Keesus Advancement Association was originally developed in 1930 and its main purpose is to protect and promote the interests of the people residing on the shores of Lake Keesus.

lake overview

Lake Keesus has approximately 5.3 miles of shoreline and 216 houses. It is made up of 5 bays - Bull's Bay, Marquardt's Bay, Marshall Bay, North Bay, and Rice's Bay. The deepest part of the lake measures 42 feet. Please see the maps page for more information.






LKAA Bowling

33 Keesans enjoyed a great fish fry and bowling experience at the Village Bowl on Friday, January 14th. Thanks to Christi Hepfner for organizing the event.

Bowling Photo Album


Holiday Party

Thank you to the 77 Keesans who attended the Annual Holiday Party at Camp Whitcomb on Saturday. Much fantastic food, drink, and camaraderie was shared by all. Thanks to Sarah Resch for providing the venue and kudos to Linda Bartlett, Amy Bova, Janna DuFresne, Tricia & Brett Engelking, Nancy & Gary Etter, Brenda Larson, Jackie & Mike Malinowski, Brock & Taylor& Marybeth Mielke, Dana & Pete Schumacher, Mike Timbers and Lee & Jeff Vanderkin for doing such a great job with the decorations.

LKAA Holiday Party Photo Album


Memorial for Jack

For those who don't know, Jack Weidig, owner of the Back Bay Bar on Park Drive, passed away last Monday and his son David and step-son Tom are arranging a simple memorial for Jack this weekend. They have very little to no family in the area and thus have chosen to not have a traditional service with a local company.
Instead they have asked if I could reach out through the LKAA family and see if any friends from the lake would like to attend a simple service on the shore of his property at 1pm this Saturday where some of his ashes will be laid. David and Tom want to have some coolers and beer/soda for those who attend to have " more drink with Jack". If interested in attending please let Steven DuFresne know so they can plan accordingly.
From his sons... "Thank you ALL already for the kind words about my dad. Its great to see the community recognizing my dad as we have no family here to celebrate his life. I wish we could do more but please stop out on Saturday at 1pm. Thanks!"


LKAA Annual Meeting

38 Keesans had a great time at Ox & Cats on Sunday, the 12th for the LKAA Annual Meeting where Patty Mueller was elected President, Linda Timbers, Secretary, and Linda Bartlett, Christi Hepfner, & Rick Zimbric were elected directors.  Congratulations to all!  We enjoyed the pizza at half-time more than the Packer's game that followed the meeting!


Boat Rally

Thanks go to Dan Willems for organizing the Boat Rally last week.  Dan says the 2021 Keesus Boat Rally was a blast!  Eleven boats participated with 78 attendees.  The winning boat was ‘7 Chicks and a Dude'.  Prizes were awarded for 1st , nd  and rd  place and everyone was thoroughly soaked after the final water fight.


4th of July - Parade, Picnic, and Concert

150 Keesans on land and on "sea" enjoyed the tunes of "Breaking Cadence" at the second Keesus Koncert of the year on July 3rd.  Thanks to the Tranchitas for their hospitality.   For those who enjoyed the July 3 concert from the water and didn't get the “passed bucket” (or land dwellers who forgot their wallets), you can tip the band via Venmo by using the account @therealsadie (Sadie Kealey).

Approximately 250 Keesans with their relatives and friends consumed 260 Oscar Mayer wieners served up by Kenn Belter and Rick Zimbric at the LKAA 4th of July Kiddee Parade and Picnic.  Thanks to Steve & Ann Belter for providing the venue.

4th of July Photo Album


LKAA 90th Anniversary

What a fantastic 90th Anniversary celebration.  215 Keesans enjoyed the chicken dinner, Bar Down band, trivia, liquid refreshments, and camaraderie.  Kudos to Patty Mueller and Kenn Belter for directing this activity and to Camp Whitcomb and its staff for their hospitality.  The trivia winners were Cal Gander and Jean Schlidt.

90th Anniversary Photo Album


Fishing Clinic

Thank you to Linda and Mike Timbers for organizing the Keesus Kids Fishing Klinic on June 17.  Nine Keesus Kids learned fishing techniques from their mentors, Mike Malinowski, Jeff Mielke, Tom Minerath, and Rick Schlidt.


Beer, Bacon, Bourbon, & Brewers

41 Keesus Brewers fans and 11 Keesus Kids feasted on epicurian delights infused with beer, bacon and bourbon at the home of Steve & Ann Belter last night. Sharing stories and Keesus news while watching the hit-starved Brewers lose to the Braves 5-1 highlighted the evening's event. Thanks to Steve & Ann for hosting the fun.


LKAA Fish Fry

34 Keesans enjoyed the food and fun at the LKAA Fish Fry on April 23rd at the OverBoard Saloon in Okauchee.  Reports are that the food, drinks, and service were excellent.  Thanks to Rick Zimbric for making the arrangements.


Keesus Fall Bike Ride

November 7 was a beautiful day for a bike ride. 12 Keesan's rode the 12 mile stretch on the Bug Line to Thirsty Duck for a little mid-afternoon treat.

Bike Ride Photo Album


LKAA Holiday Party

The LKAA Holiday Party was a great success thanks to all Keesans who shared their culinary delights and special spirits. Many thanks to the decorating crew of  Linda Bartlett, Tricia Engelking, Brenda Larson, Jackie and Mike Malinowski, Patty Mueller, Kathy & Dave Robinson and Mike Timbers  with added thanks to Jackie for providing the beautiful white light tree and decorations from Key Pieces.  Also thanked are those who still were at James Lodge after midnight to tear down and load up cars.

Holiday Party Photo Album


Duck Pin Bowling

27 Keesans plus more of their families and friends enjoyed an afternoon of Duck Pin Bowling on Sunday, the 17th.   Brett Engelking  had the high score of the afternoon and garnered the applause of all attendees. Thank you to Patty Mueller for organizing. A great time was had by all.

Duck Pin Bowling Photo Album


Chili Dump

Over sixty Keesans enjoyed an afternoon of food and fun at the LKAA Chili Dump on February 2 in Bull's Bay.  Thanks to Jim & Cathy Hazzard and Greg & Brenda Larson for organizing the activity.

Chili Dump Photo Album


Ice Cream Social at Camp

Thanks to the 16 Keesans who helped serve the LKAA sponsored Ice Cream social at Camp Whitcomb on Monday night. We applaud the efforts of Linda and Jeff Bartlett, Cathy and Jim Hazzard, Dana and Pete Schumacher, Ginny and Kenn Belter, Cal Gander, Judy Reinders, Joann Blake, Nancy Etter, Linda Timbers, Patty & John Mueller and Chris Dierbeck who volunteered to serve for LKAA's Ice Cream Social for Boys & Girls Club campers.


LKAA Family Picnic

54 Keesans enjoyed the food, fun, and camaraderie found at the LKAA Meeting at Camp Whitcomb on Friday June 15. Thanks to Camp Whitcomb for the venue, to Patty Mueller, Kenn & Ginny Belter, Rick Zimbric, who helped set up the picnic area and to all Keesans who donated food and goodies to the event.


Keesus Eye Spy Game

Welcome to the Lake Keesus Eye Spy game.  Please enjoy it and let me know if you have questions or changes at

  1. Print
  2. Grab a writing device or two and a clipboard
  3. Jump on your watercraft
  4. Fold either the Riddle List or Check List so you cannot see the house numbers listed in the right hand column
  5. Search for Check List items or answers to the riddles.  
  6. When you find something, consult the Lake Keesus Map with house numbers and record the house number in the column right next to the check list items or riddles
  7. It might take several trips to locate the items, so be patient and keep trying
  8. When you are done, unfold the check list or riddle list and compare your answers to the right-hand column

Remember that your guests have never seen this before.  Print out a fresh copy for them and let them explore. Kids sometimes get bored on pontoon rides, so they might find this entertaining too. Enjoy, Tricia Engelking 


Volunteer Opportunities

Would you be interested in volunteering at Camp Whitcomb/Mason? Contact Patty Mueller at 414-899-4677 or for more details on volunteering. To see a complete list of volunteer opportunities, click on the Links Page.


Email List

Each Week: LKAA Email Updates are sent to LKAA members whose email addresses we have. Lake information during winter months comes only via email. Please send your email address to as e-mail up-dates have become a weekly communications addition for the Keesus Newsletter. LKAA does not sell or share our email address list.