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June 15

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Annual dues are $50 family, $25 single, $30 golden family. Click here for a membership form. Please return the form and your dues to LKAA, Box 618, Merton, WI 53056.

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Welcome to Lake Keesus!

Lake Keesus is a beautiful 237 acre lake located in the Town of Merton, Waukesha County, WI. The LKAA - Lake Keesus Advancement Association was originally developed in 1930 and its main purpose is to protect and promote the interests of the people residing on the shores of Lake Keesus.

lake overview

Lake Keesus has approximately 5.3 miles of shoreline and 216 houses. It is made up of 5 bays - Bull's Bay, Marquardt's Bay, Marshall Bay, North Bay, and Rice's Bay. The deepest part of the lake measures 42 feet. Please see the maps page for more information.






Camp Donation

Your LKAA Board has voted to make a donation to the Boys' and Girls' Club for use of their hall for the Christmas Party and as a memorial for the following Keesans who died in 2017: Sandi Hora, Susie Mielke, Nancy Dross, and Russ Thatcher.


LKAA Chili Dump

What a great day on the ice! Thanks to the Poehls and Larsons for hosting the chili dump again this year. A fun time was had by all.

Chili Dump Photo Album


Holiday Party

A wonderful time was had by the 67 Keesans who attended the Christmas Holiday Party at Camp Mason. Thanks to the many Santa's helpers who helped to make James Lodge festive for the LKAA Holiday Party! Special thanks to Randy Ludin who arranged for the party beer and to Linda Bartlett who organized . supplies and foods.

Holiday Party Photo Album


Annual Meeting

At the September 23rd LKAA Annual Meeting, Patty Mueller was elected President, Linda Timbers Secretary, and Tracy Laumer, Linda Bartlett, and Roger Thorson were elected Directors. Outgoing director Tricia Engelking was thanked for her service to the Association. The 37 members present enjoyed a great meal and refreshmnents provided by LKAA before and after the meeting held at the Barn of Scott & Lynn Vogeltanz .


Keesus Koncert

Thanks to all Keesans who helped organize and produce the 2017 Keesus Koncert this year. The music by Breakout Trio and the fellowship were enjoyed by all. Rick Schlidt was the lucky winner of the $500 "Square" game. Congratulations!



We had a fabulous Fireworks Show this year. Thanks to all Keesans who donated money to make the show a success. Thanks also to Jeff Bartlett, Randy Coorough, Brett Engelking, and Joe Henika who saved the Association $300 by cleaning up the fireworks debris at the Camp on Saturday morning.


4th of July Picnic

The July 4 Parade/Picnic was a great success. Ann Belter reports attendance was the greatest ever - 273 bodies counted!!! Perfect weather contributed to the fine turnout. Thanks to Ann & Steve for hosting the event and to all who donated salads, brownies and rhubarb kuchen. Hope to see even more participation next year.

4th of July Photo Album


Cabella's Fishing Clinic

Thank you to Linda Timbers for organizing the Cabella's Fishing Clinic. The kids had a great time and it was a huge success.

Fishing Clinic Photo Album



Thanks to Linda Bartlett for organizing the Veloce Go-Karting event. About 50 Keesans joined the fun with Todd Hepfner and Brett Engelking leading 28 other racers to the winner's circle.

Go Karting Photo Album



Memorial Donations

At the January 12th LKAA Board meeting, your LKAA Board voted to donate $300 to Camp Whitcomb/Mason for the great things they do for kids and for cooperating with the LKAA in many of our lake activities. The Board also voted to make a separate donation to the Camp as a Memorial Donation in the names of LKAA Members who passed away in 2016. Those remembered were: Jacob Brunclik, Bob Franz, Charlie Hottenroth, Nick Neitzel, and Milton Scholl.


Keesus Eye Spy Game

Welcome to the Lake Keesus Eye Spy game.  Please enjoy it and let me know if you have questions or changes at

  1. Print
  2. Grab a writing device or two and a clipboard
  3. Jump on your watercraft
  4. Fold either the Riddle List or Check List so you cannot see the house numbers listed in the right hand column
  5. Search for Check List items or answers to the riddles.  
  6. When you find something, consult the Lake Keesus Map with house numbers and record the house number in the column right next to the check list items or riddles
  7. It might take several trips to locate the items, so be patient and keep trying
  8. When you are done, unfold the check list or riddle list and compare your answers to the right-hand column

Remember that your guests have never seen this before.  Print out a fresh copy for them and let them explore. Kids sometimes get bored on pontoon rides, so they might find this entertaining too. Enjoy, Tricia Engelking 


Volunteer Opportunities

Would you be interested in volunteering at Camp Whitcomb/Mason? Contact Patty Mueller at 414-899-4677 or for more details on volunteering. To see a complete list of volunteer opportunities, click on the Links Page.


Email List

Each Week: LKAA Email Updates are sent to LKAA members whose email addresses we have. Lake information during winter months comes only via email. Please send your email address to as e-mail up-dates have become a weekly communications addition for the Keesus Newsletter. LKAA does not sell or share our email address list.